We are a Romanian advertising agency and design consultancy

A communication concept or be it a design work doesn’t represent a big deal, even more so when you look at it at the end of creation process. Things are somehow clear and the idea contains logic. The least visible part of the process is however the most important one. The way starting from task to solution is the part in which our experience, tenacity and of the endurance speak for it and quite often loudly. We reanalyse every option, exploring possibilities until the solution begins to glow. This is somehow part of the origin for the name we choose: Loop. Scrutinizing again and again to escape stall, common and not being consistent to our goal. And for our clients – a different way or even a way out. Many of our succesful stories came out of a simple discussion. We are open minded and few times open source.

Suntem o agentie romaneasca de advertising si design

Un concept de comunicare sau o lucrare de design nu reprezinta o mare filosofie, mai ales cand o privesti dupa ce a fost creata. Lucrurile sunt un pic mai clare iar ideea pare logica. Partea mai putin vizibila o reprezinta insa procesul cel mai important. Drumul de la tema de rezolvat la solutie este cel in care experienta, tenacitatea si de multe ori anduranta isi spun cuvantul. Reluam fiecare pista posibila explorand posibilitati pana cand solutia incepe sa capete o aura de lumina. De aici vine poate si o parte din numele nostru: loop (en.), un proces de explorari creative pe care le scrutinam pentru a iesi din rutina, iar pentru beneficiarii nostri: o iesire din comun sau din impas de multe ori. Multe proiecte de succes au inceput dintr-o discutie. Suntem “open minded” si “open source” in anumite cazuri.